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Steve Jobs Last Words: A Life Story Worth Sharing
6 years ago 9.4k
I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world.In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have litt...

The Pyramid of Friendship: Secret of Effective Relationships
8 years ago 9.1k
Articles on Friendship might not be very common, but the matter is one of the commonest in the entire world from history to date. However, according to the word of a young man name...

The Quick Fix for Nigeria's Underdevelopment and Unemployment
8 years ago 8.8k
I understand that in spite of the chronic underdevelopment of Nigeria and the unemployment among Nigerians – the quick-fix might not still be appealing to a lot of people in various spheres o...

The Abuse of Power: Lessons for Politicians, Pastors & Leaders
8 years ago 6.0k
This write up is never intended to condemn any minister or any ministry; rather, it is inspired to provide a sincere guide and guard for every minister of God on the ea...

Dare To Be Different: How Genuine Leaders Develop
7 years ago 5.7k
The drive to make a difference is an inherent drive in every human; no matter how rich or poor, wise or foolish, educated or illiterate, cool-headed or hard-headed a man or woman might be - the dri...

The Principles for Effective Living
8 years ago 4.8k
Life is described as the state of being, which involves everything from breathing, to growing, to reproducing ...

When The King Is An Author: A Guide for Writers and Publishers
8 years ago 4.6k
History they say, repeats itself; hence, there are chances that whatever was would be again, and what was done, will be done again; which presupposes the progressiveness of men on the road of growt...

Diversifying Nigerian Economy: The Three-Legs Model
7 years ago 4.5k
It is safe and convenient for me to believe that every Nigerian is conscious of the numerous threats facing this nation and the apparent possibilities ahead of the nation. The alarming reality howe...

I Was Born A Citizen
7 years ago 4.5k
Familiarity they say, breeds contempt; implying that anything (whether privilege, status, honour, gift, appointment or even peace) could be abused overtime. The reality of life is the seemly huge v...

Is Barack Obama Truly Gay & Michelle Obama Transgender?
5 years ago 4.4k
While many would have thought that the seeming masculine stature of the former first lady of the United States of America is a mere coincidence in time and circumstances. However, many people ...

How The Church Can Develop The Economies of Nations
7 years ago 4.3k
I write this article with a great sense of humility, responsibility and urgency. While the world could claim ignorance of the true identity and purpose of the church; no one can claim ignorance of ...

Top 5 Things You Must Get Before Getting Married
7 years ago 4.3k
Marriage is honourable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge... were the affirmations of the LORD from the book of Hebrews 13:4. “...

Idleness In The Marketplace: Finding The Perfect Job
8 years ago 3.7k
The marketplace is really the place of activity, exchange and distribution. A place of movements (progress) and purpose: For hardly will a person come to the marketplac...

99% of Women In The World Are Beautiful: Find Out Why?
7 years ago 3.6k
Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder, but beyond that, we must understand the truth, which is not the same thing with fact. The fact may be the general norm, but the tr...

The Seed of Corruption: Finding Lasting Solution To The Menace of Corruption
7 years ago 3.5k
The biggest threat to the continuous existence of humanity is not diseases such as Ebola Virus, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Cancer; or Poverty or wars – all these appear to be threatenin...

Divided Vision: The Reason for Church Breakups & Breakouts In The World
7 years ago 3.4k
I am persuaded that the Lord perceives His Church differently from the way we perceive the Church; and instead of His perception of the Church becoming the foundation; many have built the Church wi...

Leadership Principle: Taking Responsibility for Your Nation & Generation
7 years ago 3.4k
Inside every nation are generations; and the relevance of men or women is usually ( but not always) tied to their generation. The implication of that truth is that, there is usually a window of releva...

The Secret of Growth In Life, Business and Ministry
6 years ago 3.3k
The secret things belong to God, but the things that are revealed belongs to us and our children forever is the Scriptural injunction. The life we live in is full of mysteries, and...

Is The Church Truly A Non-Governmental Organization?
7 years ago 2.9k
Your perspective about God, life and your purpose for living will determine your posture either with or against this article. However, there is a sharp contrast between the truth and the fact. The ...

Your RIB: The Marriage Secret That Must Be Shared
7 years ago 2.8k
This article will not attempt to go into the nitty-gritty of marriage, but will reveal an hidden secret for blissfulness, faithfulness and longevity in marriage. The challenge of our time is ...

Understanding Divine Approval: The Key to Excellence In Life & Ministry
7 years ago 2.8k
Without doubt, our God is the God over all; and His realm of influence includes every height, depth or width. In fact, His knowledge pass finding out; for He is the God of knowledge, by whom all ...

Church Growth Phenomenon: A Word of Caution for Church Leaders
7 years ago 2.8k
Church growth is both a global phenomenon and a reality of our time. While growth is desirable, a proper perceptive of the church...

Self-Awareness: How Do You See Yourself?
7 years ago 2.7k
The matter of awareness is a very important one, as it concerns individuals, corporations and countries. It is obvious that the more a person becomes aware of things, self an...

Future Planning: How To Change Your Future
5 years ago 2.7k
Planning itself is an area that many people have come to love to avoid or overlook in an atmosphere of being busy. We are people that love to live one day at a time, meet life events sudd...

Your Purpose on Earth:: How To Locate It
7 years ago 2.7k
Nothingness, emptiness, meaninglessness, worthlessness and purposelessness are the exactly qualifying words for most people across societies in the world; from the historical past to contemporary p...

The Attitude the Church Needs in this 21st Century
7 years ago 2.7k
One thing that no man or group can take away from the Church from the historical times till now is the willingness and the readiness to pray. Sometimes, the prayers ...

How God Raise His Chosen Men For Change Among Men
7 years ago 2.7k
I am sure there are questions in the heart of many of us; some of us have wondered at the way God has been dealing with us over the past few weeks, months and years. In fact, at best, we have been amu...

Caution for God's Ministers: Have You Considered My Servant Job?
7 years ago 2.7k
The story of Job in the Bible is both striking and inspiring. He was a well-behaved, righteous and faultless character. He honoured and loved God, and he hated evil...

Valley Dwellers Vs Mountain Climbers: How Nations & Organizations Differ in Growth & Development
8 years ago 2.7k
It is observed in the world all over that the place and time of origin of two movable objects notwithstanding; they usually arrive at different times, even at the same ...

God's Idea About Ministry: How To Discover & Fulfill Yours
7 years ago 2.6k
Ministry has been defined, redefined and misdefined by many people across ages and dispensation. Many people have began their journeys of ministry and many people have finished their...

Life Growth Strategy: Training Vs Transformation - What Do You Need Now?
7 years ago 2.6k
While the two words may begin with the same letter; they have two different meanings and implications. We live in a world where Training has been placed in a very high pedestal, and the desire or...

Mirroring God Before Men: How To Become Heaven's Ambassador on Earth
8 years ago 2.6k
In the book of Genesis chapter one (1) verse one (1), we see how God began all things both visible and invisible. And in the book of Colossians chapter 1 verse 16, we understand that everything concei...

The Most Important Gift From God for Every Man & Woman
7 years ago 2.6k
Almost intuitively, your thought would have began scanning through your experiences and personal information archives; in order to discover the most important gift of your life. I will not be surpr...

The Prophetic Destiny of Every Pastor and Teacher
5 years ago 2.5k
One of the pillars of the pastoral and teaching ministries of Christ Jesus for the Church is found in the book of Jeremiah 3:15, "And I will give you SHEPHERDS according to My he...

Getting Married Vs Staying Married: A Quick Check of Your Marital Status
6 years ago 2.5k
Marriage is called a necessary evil by many ignorant folks; men and women who cannot understand, nor accept the basic principles of marriage, but enjoy the reality of its operations....

How to Add Value to God's Investment on Your Life
8 years ago 2.5k
The keywords in this article are value, investment, life and most importantly, God. As the Lord teaches my heart, I intend to teach everyone on how to add value or...

Depression: Discover How Millions Die Annually Across the World
6 years ago 2.5k
From another angle, we could conclude that depression is a state of being pressured by the devil. Pressure could produce patience, toughness, and focus...

Leadership Made Easy: Learn the Rudiments of Every Leadership
6 years ago 2.5k
Leaders should not just decide the direction of the business or organization by what the mere eyes can see or the ear hear. Leaders should take deeper look at situations (both internal and external...

The Joy of Service: How God Solves The Problem of Leadership Suicide in His Kingdom
5 years ago 2.4k
Until the Kingdom of God came down upon the children of men through the Agency of Christ Jesus, many people were under the captivity, subjugation of the Kingdom of darkness (which rules p...

God's Anointed Vs Man's Appointed: How To Discover And Deploy Yourself In Life
8 years ago 2.3k
Faith comes by hearing, and faith in God comes only by hearing the Word of God; and so, to build up oneself to receive substantial quantum of impact and spiritual wisdo...

Discipleship:: The Schools of Thought That Transforms Nations
8 years ago 2.3k
The reality of our generation is quite alarming; people read almost anything except what could truly help them. Many of our scholars and learned men and women read for knowledge sake, which only pu...

Discipleship:: Men That Finished From the University of God
8 years ago 2.3k
University is an institution (establishment) at the highest level of education (transformation) where you can study for a degree or do research. Ordinarily, I would not have accept...

When Money Fails: Why Is Naira Failing in Nigeria?
6 years ago 2.3k
The simplest definition of money is that it is a medium of exchange. You must have money to have anything else is the assumption. Whenever you need any good or service, you must be willing and read...

Can A Man Pursue His Purpose with His Pride?
6 years ago 2.3k
The matter of purpose for living is a sensitive matter that must be handled with much wisdom, planning and understanding. It is said, When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitab...

The Ministry Instruments of God: Men That God Uses on Earth
7 years ago 2.3k
Ministry books, messages and articles are everywhere; yet there is a need for more – more to unravel the hidden mysterious; more demystify the myths of ministry; and mor...

When Knowledge Is Not Enough:: Go For Understanding
8 years ago 2.3k
Knowledge they say is power; therefore, anyone who possess knowledge is considered powerful in societies. However, power on its own is not enough; it must be properly conducted and effecti...

You Were Made for A Purpose
7 years ago 2.2k
"So Ezra the scribe stood on a platform of wood which they had made for the purpose;...." Nehemiah 8:4After observ...

How Does God Introduce Himself To You?
6 years ago 2.2k
Before any conversation starts, there must be introduction of the parties involved. It is very common to hear words like, “My name is Hassan Benjamin, the last born of 5 children family. ...

The Seduction of Perfection
6 years ago 2.2k
This article is an answer to some questions in the minds many people across the world; and I hope it enriches the thoughts and choices of many men and women that reads it. Seduction is marri...

Held To Impact In Ministry: The Success Story of Few Ministers of God
8 years ago 2.2k
Every minister is like a pen in the hand of the ready Writer. The pen is the minister, while the ready Writer is the Godhead. And just as the pen is immobile, irrelevant, and insignificant wi...

Should 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria be Amended or Replaced?
6 years ago 2.1k
We the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, having firmly and solemnly resolve, to live in unity and harmony as one indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation under Go...

Baggages of the Past: The Major Setbacks on Achieving Greatness
7 years ago 2.1k
The desire of most people across tongues, clans and nations is progress, change and development. We so much desire progress that we often can not wait for night to come and usher us into another day d...

Economic Recession: Why Is Sani Abacha The Only Former Head State Giving Back To Nigeria?
5 years ago 2.1k
We are fully aware that Nigeria “gained” independence in 1960; and from that time till date; Nigeria has been governed (ruled or used or abused or misused) by at least, 13 men. Out of t...

The Greatest Challenge of Leadership Practice
8 years ago 2.1k
The greatest woe, dis-service or error of leadership practice across the world toady, whether in government or church or business or sports or entertainment; is the widespread acceptance of...

Your Purpose: Why You Are So Important
7 years ago 2.0k
Everybody wants to be important; everybody craves for opportunities and everybody desires to be known. However, not everyone is important; not everyone seizes opportunities and everyone is not know...

You Are Your Heart: How to Find Meaning And Purpose in Life
6 years ago 2.0k
The mystery of human behaviour has been a drive for many sociological and psychological researches across the world. There is a sternly desire in us as a people to know why people do what they do; ...

Can a Man Find Fulfilment on another Man’s Purpose?
6 years ago 2.0k
Beneath every organizational decision or commitment or production or expenditure is a strategic intent, which spells out in detail, the reason r basis for organizational goals or obje...

Marriage: Discover What Becomes of Men Who Help Their Helping Wives
5 years ago 2.0k
More than any other Scripture, Genesis 2:18 shows the purpose of a woman, which is to provide suitable help and companionship to man. However, before that point, God gave a purpose for ma...

National Transformation: Is Nigeria A Nation That Serves God or That Serves Men?
5 years ago 1.9k
Nigeria is truly changing; however, our national change is to the dimension of our perspective as citizens of this great nation. While we all clamour for change in Nigeri...

How Nigeria Can Turn Economic Recession to Economic Boom
5 years ago 1.9k
The economy of any body or nation can be described in a form as money in the pocket, food on the table, money in the bank (safe). That description seems simple though; however, it covers q...

David Cameron: Is Nigeria Truly Corrupt Fantastically?
6 years ago 1.8k
"Survival of the fittest" is a phrase that originated from Darwinian evolutionary theory as a way of describing the mechanism of natural selection. The biological concept of f...

The Condition for Effective Ministry
6 years ago 1.8k
Now great multitude went with him. And he turned and said to them, if anyone come to me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brother and sister, yes, and his own life als...

The Most Popular Idol In the World
6 years ago 1.8k
The world is said to be the exerted influence on the earth: For while the earth is a territory (comprising of the sea, land and air); the world is the governing influence over the sea, land and air...

The Cheapest Way to Advertise Your Business and Brand Online on Google
6 years ago 1.8k
Do you have any business, product or brand to advertise online? Are you already involved in any form of online advertisement of your product, brand or business? Are you overwhelmed by the enormous ...

The Mistake President Buhari Made That Changed The Economy of Nigeria
5 years ago 1.7k
Sometime in 2015, I submitted an article on titled: “The Folly...

The God Factor: How To Make Maximum Impart in Life
6 years ago 1.7k
The secret yearning of the heart of many people across the world is to make maximum impart on earth while life remains; yet, the most difficult thing for anyone on earth is making the best use of t...

How To Experience True Rest in 2017
5 years ago 1.7k
From the ancient past till date, the quiet longing of the hearts of many people across the world – both developed and underdeveloped world is rest. We so much love rest that we came up with w...

How To Survive In Turbulent Uncertain Recessive Times
5 years ago 1.7k
Just like today, there were times in history when there was Great Recession in the economies of nations; moments of uncertainty, when it was everyone to himself or herself for survival. ...

How to Create A Free Website or Blog with Hubpile
6 years ago 1.7k
Blogging with is as easy as ABC. The platform is highly user friendly. With a starting storage capacity of 1 Gigabyte and an unlimited monthly bandwidth; you can be sure of great bloggi...

The Accessories of God's Assignment: How God Provides For Your Needs
5 years ago 1.7k
In many local churches yesterday (Sunday), I believe among other Scriptures, God's people were asked to declare that " God shall supply all my need accords to His riches in glory by C...

Rivers Rerun Rigging: How Was Governor Nyesom Wike Exposed?
5 years ago 1.6k
A few days ago, the people of Rivers State in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria went out en masse to vote for their choice parties and candidates in the just concluded legislative rerun elections. ...

The One Thing You Need To Have All You Need
5 years ago 1.6k
Human wants they say are insatiable – that they are endless and no man can ever meet them all. While that may be true, we know that there is a difference between human need and human want. Un...

Secret of Real Wealth: How to Access the Endless Resources of God on Earth
5 years ago 1.6k
Undoubtedly, there is a shortage of relevant resources on the earth today. Many families, cities, states and nations are short of needed resources for survival, growth and development; which in a w...

The Pride of Governance in Nigeria: When Purpose is Unknown
5 years ago 1.6k
Governance is simply the action or manner of governing a state, organization, etc. To govern basically mean to rule or control. In the face of the reality of governance, which is anything done...

Nigerian Economy: Why Not Much Has Changed Under President Buhari’s Administration
5 years ago 1.5k
If you take a careful look at the picture above; you would see the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria talking and laughing while reading the newspaper. If you take a walk outside your wor...

Principle of Accountability: People Do What People See!
5 years ago 1.5k
Accountability however, is hardly done in public and among a given people. Accountability is often between a person and another. A form of self or organizational reporting that shows in detail, wha...

Hubpile is Nigeria’s No. 1 Blog Hosting Website in Nigeria
6 years ago 1.5k
A blog host is the company that provides the space on their servers and equipment to store your blog. Typically, a fee is required to store your blog on a blog host’s server. Blogging hosts c...

Solomon Dalung: What is the Responsibility of the Sports Minister?
5 years ago 1.5k
Solomon Dalung came to limelight in Nigeria when the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari made him the Sports and Youth Development Minister – de...

Militancy: The New Wave of Parallel Government in Nigeria
5 years ago 1.5k
For a while now, Nigeria has been plagued with chronic corruption from the “trusted” political elites, which has brought the economy to a state of “technical recession”. The...

Top 10 Things You Can Do With Webnigerians
5 years ago 1.4k
1. Create a Free Social Profile Page (e.g. 2. Invite, Connect and Influence Friends, Family and Associates 3. Discover more Nigerians beyond you...

Nigerian Democracy Vs United States Democracy: Can EFCC Probe Mr President?
5 years ago 1.4k
While it is worthy of note that United States of America got independence from the British government on the 4th July, 1776 (around 241 years ago); and Nigeria got independence from the same c...

The Lies We Tell Ourselves About Marriage
5 years ago 1.4k
In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. He formed everything on earth and created man to tend and to keep the earth under His leadership. Eventually, God saw a need for man to have...

Solomon Dalung: A Pain or A Gain To Sports Development in Nigeria?
5 years ago 1.4k
The answer to this question may sound controversial; however, I believe that most Nigerians know! Sports development in most nations of the world is not a means of getting the youths busy...

Life Coaching: The 3 Laws That Will Change Your Life In 72 Hours
5 years ago 1.4k
Life is governed by the laws that were made for us or made by us - laws rule the world. Everything consciously and unconsciously fulfills different laws at different times for continuous ...

Mr President: Why Preach Change When You Could Have Practiced It?
5 years ago 1.4k
It has been said that talk is cheap; and if I may, I would compare men and women that only talk to the situation where it is said that if wishes were horses; beggars would ri...

Rivers Election ReRun: Who Wins The Stakes?
5 years ago 1.3k
Elections across the world hold at periodic intervals for the purposes of expressing interests, preferences and choices among or between alternatives. Groups, associations and nations hav...

The Three Dimensions of Experiencing Christ: In Him We Live, Move & Have Our Being
3 years ago 1.2k
In the word of Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:17, "therefore if a...

General Elections: How Old Will President Muhammadu Buhari Be in 2023 If Elected President of Nigeria in 2019?
3 years ago 1.1k
The Ruling Political Party in Nigeria (All Progressives Congress - APC) unanimously chose the incumbent ...

The Cause of Church Rivalry & Church Competition in Nigeria (Exposed)
3 years ago 1.1k
In the book of Matthew 16:18-19, Jesus said, ".....I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it....

The Wrapped Gift of Pleasure: How To Discern Your Own Marriage
2 years ago 980
Before me I have what could be a gift. I am sure if it is packaged in a wine colored material it, will be very attractive for anybody to behold. For many people watching online, I am sure you do no...

Top 3 Reasons Nigerian Politicians Are More Corrupt Than Their Peers In Other Countries
3 years ago 803
One thing must be clear, a tree will always bear fruit after it’s kind. It is very unusual for you to find an orange fruit on an apple tree. Make the tree good and its fruit would be good was...

Effective Living Ingredients: How Your Personal Experiences Must Translates Into Your Corporate Influence
3 years ago 779
I have realized among others that: I am healed to heal others; I am taught to teach others; I am mentored to mentor others; I am comforted to comf...

Self Entrepreneurship: How to Add Value to God's Investment on Your Life
3 years ago 721
The keywords in this article are value, investment, life and most importantly, God. As the Lord teaches my heart, I intend to teach everyone on...

What Happens When Every Nigerian Is Corrupt? What Would We Fight Against? INcorruption?
3 years ago 692
When the current ruling party in Nigeria, the All Progressive Congress, was campaigning in 2014; they emphasized on the need to fight against corruption: For if Nigerians don't fight against co...

Sustainable Leadership Secret 21st Century Business Founders Must Know
3 years ago 676
Good afternoon everyone, my name is Gboyega Adedeji. I am so glad to welcom...

MAN: The Leader in The Class Of God
3 years ago 663
Good afternoon everyone, my name is Gboyega Adedeji. I am so glad to welcome you to this week's edition...

Perfect Leadership In An Imperfect World: How To Become Relevant In The New Era on earth
3 years ago 653
Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to this week's edition of ...

Have You Also Been Called A Leader? What Would You Do About Your Leadership Call?
3 years ago 652
Considering the prevalence of inequality and injustice across the World tod...

The Genesis of Marriage: Understanding The Purpose & Power of Your Own Marriage
3 years ago 632
This evening we want to fellowship together by the word of God on the subject that is titled: The Genesis of Marriage. What the Lord would be taking us through could go beyond Gene...

Sergio Romero reveals what Lionel Messi and Anthony Martial have in common
3 years ago 623
What's the story? Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero has spoken about the similarities between teammate Anthony Martial and Argentina and Barcelona ace Lion...

Reports: Liverpool make huge offer for FC Barcelona's top target
3 years ago 605
What’s the story? According to Spanish outlet Mundo Deportivo, FC Barcelona are interested in signing Paris Saint-Germain FC midfielder Adrien Rabiot. However, Li...

Webnigerians: 2019 Elections, President Buharis Administration & Our National Security
3 years ago 594
Webnigerians, unlike any other social network is a community of Nigerians, and the most important subject is Nigeria. The question is, have you been using Webnigerians to propagate your own agendas...

The Leadership Question: What Is The Cause of The Decline of the Influence of The Ruling APC in Nigeria?
3 years ago 591
According to Dr. John C. Maxwell (a prominent Leadership expert) said, "Everything rises and falls on leadership"; implying that when all is said and done, the success or the otherwise of...

The Power of Instructions: How God Preserve and Prepare Generations Through Effective Leadership
3 years ago 581
God had a plan; to fulfill His plan, He delegated certain responsibilities to Noah, which he ne...

The Secret To Kingdom Wealth And Increase: A Step By Step Guide To Making More From Your Possession
2 years ago 572
Tonight, the Lord has sent a word to us and I believe that it is a pointer to what God wants to do in our lives, and as many people as are willing to key into it without saying 'No, I have seen thi...

How To Stick In The Memory of Friends, Family & Associates For Long
3 years ago 566
One thing is clear among many other facts or figures that people don't always remember what you said, where you said and what you wore  when you said. The human memory, even though is pote...

Pardon Me If I Say President Buhari Needs Rest
3 years ago 556
In the word of Jesus Christ, “I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.” (John 9:4).   ...

Juventus boss Allegri decides Cristiano Ronaldo will no longer take all free-kicks
3 years ago 543
What's the story? Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri has confirmed that new recruit Cristiano Ronaldo will no longer take every free kick for the club. ...

Top 4 is definitely achievable for Unai Emery and Arsenal
3 years ago 540
After the opening two matches in the Premier League this season, the easy conclusion to come to was that this is a transitional season for Arsenal under the new management of Unai Emery. ...

Champions League 2018/19: 3 reasons why Inter Milan could beat Barcelona
3 years ago 526
The 2018/19 UEFA Champions League continues on Wednesday night, with the game between Barcelona and Inter Milan being one of the standout fixtures. Both teams have six points from two games in Grou...

Do You Know The Quickest And Cheapest Way To Share Your Story Today?
3 years ago 516
While some people believe that until they promote themselves or their pages on social media they cannot be heard or understood; some have come to realize that in less than 24 hours, anyone across t...

Ministry 101: How To Become Effective Minister of God
3 years ago 495
In my quiet moments of reflection, I have come to realize the crucial and often recurrent question in the hearts and minds of most people in the Church of Christ. From different denominations to di...

Buy Your Future: What Is The Price Tag of Your Destiny?
3 years ago 382
Our focus in this message has two major keywords, which we must first examine before we grasp what the Lord has for us here. The keywords are "Price Tag" and "Destiny". Since we...

2 years ago 381
Good day everyone, my name is Gboyega Adedeji. I welcome you to...

Law of Passion: How To Remain Relevant in Every Season or Opportunity
3 years ago 374
Each time we all want to remain active doing anything, we often struggle with the need for rest or relaxation. We hardly struggle functioning for a season, our struggle comes when we have to functi...

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