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Gboyega Adedeji  Gboyega Adedeji
Gboyega Adedeji is a Veteran Writer on CordlyVeteran Author
324 Articles
   Mentored By Jesus Christ | Writer | Inspiring Speaker | Publisher | Coach | Builder | FOUNDER @ Fridayposts, Hubpile, ... from Bwari, Abuja - Nigeria

Abiola Benjamin Obayomi  Abiola Benjamin Obayomi
Abiola Benjamin Obayomi is a Veteran Writer on CordlyVeteran Author
339 Articles
   Real Estate is my Profession. The change we need in Nigeria begins with all of us doing things differently. Collectively, we can make Nigeri... from Abuja, Nigeria

Cordly Team  Cordly Team
Cordly Team is a Veteran Writer on CordlyVeteran Author
155 Articles
   We challenge the minds of people towards mental and attitudinal shift and National transformation. We are the Editorial team of Witicles.... from Abuja, Nigeria

Lara Gboyega Adedeji  Lara Gboyega Adedeji
Lara Gboyega Adedeji is a Veteran Writer on CordlyVeteran Author
62 Articles
   I am a kingdom expander and I believe in the testimony of a transformed life as the greatest testimony of all. I am a voice of God for my... from Abuja, Nigeria

Irabor Mark  Irabor Mark
Irabor Mark is a Veteran Writer on CordlyVeteran Author
84 Articles
   A science technologist and head of unit, College of Medicine U.I Ibadan... from Plot 16 Providence Estate Ibadan

Nigerian Peopolitics  Nigerian Peopolitics
Nigerian Peopolitics is a Veteran Writer on CordlyVeteran Author
85 Articles
   I creatively and constructively discuss pressing National Political and Economic Issues that affect all Nigerians.... from Abuja, Nigeria

GclefAmplified  GclefAmplified
GclefAmplified is a Veteran Writer on CordlyVeteran Author
39 Articles
   letting you know every latest information circulating around... from Everywhere

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What Makes for Difference Among Disciples of Christ Across Denominations?: How The Church Becomes One Entity Under Christ Jesus

We are using the word denominations to represent different units of the church. The church mega, the church, according to some people that they call some churches mushroom churches. Whether mushroom or mega, whether a monoculture or multicultural chu ....

Managing Hope Through Faith for Effective Discipleship: Towards A Successful Future

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, it wearies the heart, it can make the heart to be broken, it can make any man or woman to be discouraged, to lack morale. What is going on? The hope is deferred. Hope deferred is different from hope denied. It has ....

The 2 Legs that Hold Up and Sustain Effective Marriages: What Most Marriages Start With But Many Lose Overtime

If you're a man, just know your job is simple, you have to love her till death do you part. And if you're a woman, you're to submit to him until death does you apart. If you can do this, it will become difficult for the devil to stop the purpose of G ....

The 2 Indispensable Hands of Effective Marriage: How To Avoid DIVORCE At All Cost

Marriages break not because people don't have money or they don't have this or that; it is because there is no more hope ....

Purpose Discovery Series: Fulfilling Your Purpose

That is how God does it. God will give you assignment. God will appoint you and God will expect you to have the right attitude with the purpose that He has for your life. Don't be like Esau that traded his birthright for a morsel of porridge. Later o ....

The Strategic Intent of God for Marriage: Why You Must Be Married Correctly

The collapse of marriage as an institution brought the earth to a state of corruption and violence, and when God wanted to correct the anomaly, God still needed to rely on a marriage. When God chose Noah, Noah was not to go into the ark alone. He was ....

How to Connect with The Power of God to Create Change on The Earth

When change is not visible or available, the status quo is sustained, i.e., the old will continue when there is no change. Many times we are going through things that are not pleasant, we don't like them, and we want them to change. We are always in ....

Mumbai Call Girls

Mumbai call girls are the most excellent escorts on the planet. ....

The Blessed Disciple and His Expected Future

It's not only Jesus that has disciples, people have disciples, but don't become a disciple of the world. Don’t live by imitation. Don't just follow anyhow; if you must follow, ensure you follow deliberately, don't just follow anyone; follow the rig ....

Reviving The Destinies By The Word of God

Despite their present reality, despite their present predicaments, the moment I looked beyond what I was seeing, the moment I began to look at the things I want to see, and I spoke the word, I released the word that described the future I desire, I b ....

What is shift work sleep disorder?

It's not safe to drive or work if you don't get enough sleep disorder on a regular basis since you're more likely to fall asleep. ....

Refocusing Disciples for Effective Discipleship

In conclusion, what is the difference between following the world and following Jesus? When you follow the world, this is what happens when you become a disciple of this world, this is what happens to you - your soul will be subjugated. You will be ....

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