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   I am a kingdom expander and I believe in the testimony of a transformed life as the greatest testimony of all. I am a voice of God for my... from Abuja, Nigeria

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Lara Gboyega Adedeji's Archive

62 Published By Lara Gboyega Adedeji

The Action word of a Believer
5 years ago 26.6k
Every time God gives us an instruction; it is God exposing us to wh...

8 years ago 7.1k
The rate of divorce in our society and all across the globe is alarming and it makes many young people to ask: Can’t two grown up people just live together? What is difficult in that? I love ...

8 years ago 5.6k
The borrower is in debt to the lender. In Africa, I have not seen yet, a situation where a lender prays or seeks the death of his debtor (borrower). Instead, he se...

8 years ago 5.5k
Every life is a seed, and every seed is peculiar in its form, color, shape and fruits. However, every seed when planted in the ground dies; and then live, first in obscurity, ...

God's Timetable: Your Guide & Guard for Success
7 years ago 3.9k
God's Timetable  &ldq...

Great Achievers: Principles of Great Accomplishments in Life
7 years ago 3.9k
In life, an average person want be great and accomplish great things. However, in life there are underlying principles that govern the accomplishments of these feat and greatness that is desired by...

8 years ago 3.7k
What is your testimony for tomorrow, when you have swallowed up all the opportunity you have been given to handle victory in marriage, life and ministry. I have seen men and women give themselves o...

Divine Preservation: God Is Big Enough to Shield You
7 years ago 3.5k
In life, there is no man or woman who is not afraid of one thing or the other. Some fear death, so fear poverty, some fear terminal illnesses, some fear accidents and some fear war. P...

Nigerian Police Distress Numbers
8 years ago 3.5k
POLICE DISTRESS CALL NUMBERS ABIA - 0803 541 5405 ADAMAWA - 0808 967 1313 AKWA IBOM - 0803 921 3071 ANAMBRA - 0703 919 4332 BAUCHI - ...

10 Secrets for Staying Emotionally Healthy
7 years ago 3.5k
Health oftentimes is said to be wealth. The wealth of our lives are truly embedded in our relationships. The healthier our relationships, the wealthier we truly are in life. Our e...

Life Assignment: How God Write Visions With Our Lives
8 years ago 3.4k
“And the Lord answered me, and said, write the vision...

Oneness With God: The Key to Peaceful Living
6 years ago 3.4k
Life is full of troubles and activities that often take our attention away from the major to the minors. The question then is, does it all add up to be something great thereafter? Do you have the ...

Letter to Single Ladies: Why You Are Still Single and How to Become a Wife
7 years ago 3.3k
I have come across a lot of single ladies that are hoping and trusting that one day they will become wives and mothers. It has been disheartening to see these ladies in this state despite their ...

The Power of Naming: How to Transform & Secure Your Destiny in Life
7 years ago 3.0k
Names are critical to human existence and function. Names are from the beginning the essence of a human's being. Every name gives a picture of the future and destiny of such one called by th...

7 years ago 2.9k
Marriage, family and personal life Yemi Osinbajo was born into the family of Adeyemi Osinbajo on 8 March 1957, Creek Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria. Osinbajo is married to Dolapo...

Divorce: The Bane of Fulfillment in Life
8 years ago 2.8k
Today in the whole world, there have been more than ever before increase in the rate of divorce, from one nation to another, one continent to another, one race to the other. Men and women have foun...

7 years ago 2.8k
Verse 1 In Christ alone my hope is found He is my light, my strength, my song This cornerstone, this solid ground Firm through the fiercest drought and storm ...

Selfishness: A Reason For Failure In Marriage
8 years ago 2.8k
Every human is inherently self-centred and self-conscious. Everyone intuitively wants the world to revolve around him or her That is the reason you hear words like me, myself, I and all other s...

The Fear of Losing Your Marriage: How to Kill It?
6 years ago 2.8k
Many men and women are overwhelmed with the fear of losing their marriages. Some have lost so many things that are dear to them and they feel their marriage will follow the same pattern. There are ...

The Hallmark Of Marriage: How To Make Your Marriage Work
8 years ago 2.7k
Many in the world today are prone to the error of so many others that have gone ahead of them. They ignore the red light of danger and warning, despise the orange light of patience and study but go...

Naked and Unashamed: The Perfect Marriage Model
6 years ago 2.7k
There is an experiment I would love to carry out among married couples. It is one that will display the true state of your marriage and tell you what to work on. The experiment is in the form of ...

How To Avoid Separation & Divorce In Marriage
8 years ago 2.6k
Oftentimes, people (families) simply co-exist like neighbours in the same neighbourhood or as flatmates that happen to live in the same flat. Many families are divided along many lines and are simp...

The Anchor of Life
8 years ago 2.6k
The Anchor of Life I observe the world around me today and I realized that the race is neither to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but everyone acts and a...

The Woman Who Fears The Lord
6 years ago 2.6k
There are many women in the world today chasing so many things that they desire and that satisfies the lusts of their eyes, the pride in their heart and the lust of their flesh. We all live in a wo...

Self Awareness Secret: You Are Tailor-Made For Your Purpose
7 years ago 2.6k
Men are suited for purpose, the same way the clothes that we wear are tailor-made for our bodies. Every man and woman is a product of design and the cause that necessitated every design is the purp...

The Life And Ministry of Elijah
8 years ago 2.6k
Elijah the Tishbite (not the son of ...

Life Treatment: MEDIOCRITY (How To Snap Out of Mediocrity And Work in Excellence)
2 years ago 2.5k
It's with Jesus joy that I welcome you to another episode...

Anger: A Reason for Failure in Marriage
7 years ago 2.5k
The truth about anger and its consequence is often not pleasing and inviting to anyone, But oftentimes, many fall victim of anger. Anger indeed lies in the bosom of fools. The statement is true i...

Money: A Reason For Failure In Marriage
8 years ago 2.5k
The love of money is said to be the root of all evil. Why love money more than that man or woman you profess to love and want to spend the rest of your life with? I have observed in our world tod...

8 years ago 2.5k
The experiences I have had in life are those of sincere mix feelings, but I have learnt one important lesson through it all – THE WILL (ability to make a choice) is a pow...

Trends and Paths: How To Chart The Right Course for Your Life
7 years ago 2.5k
Trends and paths in life are often ignored by many people and overlooked to mean mere coincidence and the truth of this coincidence in the life of wise men and women are often times displayed as re...

What Does Life Mean?
8 years ago 2.4k
It is still a challenge for scientists and philosophers to define life in unequivocal terms.There seems to be a lot of definition for life, some incorrect and...

How To Get Your Own Personal Testimony
8 years ago 2.4k
Oftentimes, we are quick to assert to knowledge read or listened to via testimonies of others or Scriptures we come across when studying the Bible. We affirm claims like “God is good” &...

8 years ago 2.4k
No man or woman desires to be a failure and no man or woman wants to be associated with a failed business, team, company or endeavour. It is true of every facet of human engagement, that we dissoci...

7 years ago 2.4k
Lack of understanding is such that can cause spouses in the relationship to withdraw from the process of leaving and cleaving. There are tons of reasons for lack of understanding; but I will like t...

Jesus Christ: The Perfect Mould for Man
7 years ago 2.3k
God created man in His own image and after His own likeness. Man was not created to compete with God; rather man was created to give God pleasure as a representation of Him on the earth. The ...

The spirit of Fear Versus The Spirit of Love
8 years ago 2.3k
It is unfortunate that many people have been ensnared in the fear of the past, present and future over many issues. They have become captives of their own thoughts and ...

Sex: A Reason For Failure In Marriage
8 years ago 2.3k
Every man or woman craves for validation in one form or the other. Many individuals are craving this validation from their spouses in marriage but they are not getting it. Some women wonder what ...

Top 20 Keys to Living Fulfilled
8 years ago 2.3k
1. Do not compare yourself with another 2. Guard your heart with all diligence - what comes into your heart via your eyes, ears and mouth are very important. 3. ...

Dr Myles Munroe's unfortagettable quotes
8 years ago 2.3k
“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.” “I exist to transform followers into leaders. My philosophy is, trapped in every follo...

Boundaries: A Reason For Failure In Marriage
8 years ago 2.3k
In every relationship there are boundaries of different types and forms. There are boundaries of the past, present and the future and there are boundaries that are visible and invisible. Boundaries ar...

Understanding: A Reason For Failure In Marriage
8 years ago 2.3k
Get wisdom and in all your getting, get understanding. Do not be satisfied with wisdom alone, crave for understanding. Understanding set you apart from your peers. It distinguishes you and gives you a...

Who is a Fool?
7 years ago 2.2k
A fool is that man that does not acknowledge and recognize the breath in his nostril. A fool is that man who denies the trut...

The Importance of Water: the Word is life
7 years ago 2.2k
In every human endeavor, water is so important in building anything. Water is life, that is the reason for oxygen, which necessitates human life, is found in water. There is...

8 years ago 2.2k
The nation Nigeria is preparing for the 2015 polls amidst of insecurity, doubts, fears, and financial instability and so on. The campaigns are on and so many declarations in the air, at state, loca...

The Leaders that Lead
8 years ago 2.2k
Few leaders lead in our societies today. How many leader's words and actions cannot be forgotten in the world today? We are often carried away by positions and names and we have forgotten what true...

8 years ago 2.2k
Denominator in any mathematical equation is the determinant of the result of such a problem. In Mathematics, Denominator...

8 years ago 2.2k
I just perceived I should do a compilation of the 100 days events and thoughts of passionate Nigerians over the Chibok abduction issue. Over 200 schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Ha...

Becoming A River Of the Living Water: The Secret of Influence By Relevance
7 years ago 2.1k
A dam collects water to retain; while a river collects water to release.   A river that stops receiving will equally dry up - every river must keep receiving to keep rele...

8 years ago 2.1k
There lived a man in the far coast of Africa; he was a man that had ex...

7 years ago 2.1k
There is a name that have been exated by Obedience There is a God that came in the form of man There is One that has the key of Hell and Hades There is One that has the Key ...

Communication: A Reason For Failure In Marriage
8 years ago 2.1k
Communication is the bedrock of understanding in any relationship. Good and effective communication gives room for good understanding, and all things been equal, as successful relationship. On ...

6 years ago 2.1k
TREAT DIABETES AND LOSS WEIGHT: A DIET THAT KEEPS YOU HEALTHY-LOW CABOHYDRTE AND HIGHT FAT DIET  An LCHF diet is dominated by consuming natural fats and proteins fro...

See Your Right As A Nigerian: Excerpt From The Constitution Of Nigeria
7 years ago 2.0k

You and Your Relationships
8 years ago 2.0k
We often are of the opinion that we are fine on our own, especially when you are married, with your husband and children. You have a world of your own all around yourself and you keep to this trian...

8 years ago 2.0k
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) led by Professor Attahiru Jega, has been doing a great deal of work in imposing confidence in the electoral process of Nigeria....

8 years ago 1.9k
Myles Munroe Author ...

Trust God in the Storm: The Key to Stability in Life
7 years ago 1.9k
God is in the habit of stretching our faith and allowing us to conceive in our heart, the eternal idea at e desires to birth on the earth. He often takes us through phases in our lives that prunes ...

6 years ago 1.8k
WEIGHT LOSS WITHOUT STRESS: KETO DIET It is generally accepted, that any diet below 130-150 grams of carbohydrates is regarded as "low-carb". Ketogenic diets ar...

6 years ago 1.8k
WEIGHT LOSS: LOW CABOHYDRATE AND HIGH FAT (LCHF) DIET   LCHF typically actually stands for Low Carb High Fat, but we hav...

Life Treatment: DISCOURAGEMENT (Learning The Secret of Handling Fear And Treating Discouragement)
2 years ago 1.7k

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