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The Life And Ministry of Elijah

By Lara Gboyega Adedeji       Apr 14, 2014

The Life And Ministry of Elijah

Elijah the Tishbite (not the son of so, so and so) was a prophet that was sent to kings. The purpose of Elijah was to be the voice of the Lord before the King of Israel (Ahab) and to be the spiritual authority in Israel at the time of King Ahab. Elijah did not die but was taken up by a chariot of fire, after King Ahab and Queen Jezebel died. 

Prophet Elijah manifested the power of God to his generation. And he was simply the spokesman of God to Israel and was principally commisioned to stand before God to hear Him and deliver His Word to the king and the people.

God has a voice in every generation and the demonstration of that voice can come in different forms: WISDOM, POWER or GLORY, but many at times, when God chooses to use a PROPHET, the dimension of the demonstration is usually with POWER, when He uses an APOSTLE, the demonstration will be a combination of WISDOM and GLORY, if a teacher, it will be a demonstration of WISDOM.





“As the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand”

1 Kings 17:1b

A prophet stands before God (in His presence), communes with Him, to know what His heartbeat and will is, for the people God has sent Him to.


“As the Lord God of Israel lives before whom I stand, there shall not be dew or rain these years, but according to my word”

1 Kings 17:1

Prophets are custodians of God’s word. The Word of God comes to them for direction, instruction and guidance. The prophet who does not have a Word from God is not a prophet at all. The proof of a true prophet of God is God’s Word and its ability to come to pass.


A prophet speaks and confirms the mind of God to the people and nation per time. The prophets don’t rely on what God has said but are always in time to deliver, what God is saying NOW. 


 “I have commanded the ravens to feed you there”

1 Kings 17: 4b

             “Behold, I have commanded a widow woman to sustain thee”

1 Kings 17: 9b

The provision of a prophet is from God, God gives instructions to how a prophet will be sustained. A prophet that does not trust God as his or her source is ready for famine. The prophet could be staying put at the Brook of Cherith instead of moving forward in accordance with the instruction of the source. God commands the provision of the prophets and He sustains the provision until He wants them to move.


A prophet must be ready to move. A prophet must be mobile to allow the wind of the spirit to lead him or her. When the Spirit taps the prophet for relocation, He must be ready to move. A prophet must not stay attached to a particular place, or person. He must always be mobile. They must have a” let go spirit”- not staying attached to anything or anyone but God. This is the reason for many of their friends are ministry-based relationships; they hardly have emotionally attached friends, except those who have direct connection to their ministry assignment.


“So he went and did according to the Word of the Lord:”

1 Kings 15:5a

Prophets are obedient to the Word of God, because it is their guide and source of POWER. A prophet that is not an ardent doer of the Word of God is bound for doom, heresy and blasphemous activities.


Prophets are quick to see and identify the faithfulness of God because they see God’s Word come to pass as they obey, and it boosts faith in them to continually walk before God and trust Him.


And Elijah said to her, “Do not fear; go and do as you have said, but make me a small cake from it first, and bring it to me; and afterward make some for yourself and your son.

For thus says the Lord God of Israel: ‘The bin of flour shall not be used up, nor shall the jar of oil run dry, until the day the Lord sends rain on the earth.’”

1 KINGS 17:13-14

Because of the ardent obedience to the Word of God, which they hear from time to time, prophets have an usual gift of faith, which makes them speak the Word of God with boldness and believe in the IMPOSSIBLE. The gift of faith is usually at work in the life of a prophet of God.

9.      THEY ARE BOLD:

Prophets have unusual boldness to speak the Word of God. They are as bold as lion; they carry usually a violent spirit, because of their assignment. They are very bold because of their confidence in the Word of God.


“…according to the word of the Lord which He spoke by Elijah”

1 KINGS 17:16b

 “And he stretched himself out on the child three times, and cried out to the Lord and said, “O Lord my God, I pray, let this child’s soul come back to him.” Then the Lord heard the voice of Elijah; and the soul of the child came back to him, and he revived.

1 kings 17:21-22

This is one of the first sign of one’s call unto the prophetic - An unusual zeal for prayers. Prophets are usually given to intercession because of their assignment, before God and the people. They stand like middlemen, between men and God, and speak the mind of God to men, after they have communed with God in worship.


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The Life And Ministry of ElijahThe Life And Ministry of ElijahThe Life And Ministry of Elijah

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