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The Anchor of Life

By Lara Gboyega Adedeji       May 11, 2014

The Anchor of Life

The Anchor of Life

I observe the world around me today and I realized that the race is neither to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but everyone acts and are lead by forces that are greater than them, which is basically spiritual. Everyday a human wakes up and see other human beings running up and down, going to and fro. Remember, you might not see the same faces tomorrow and you might not have the opportunity to meet that person again in life. Life is indeed a journey with every sojourner making frantics effort to get different modes of transportation to their assumed, purposed or presumed destination. Assumed because many are on a journey copying others and using other sojourners as a yardstick for what their destination should look like and what their mode of transportation should be. Some people choose the air mode because their friends, family or associate bought an air ticket. Others however chose to sail via the sea because they realized they have a lot of cargo that they need to monitor and they are sailors. For those who travel by road, maybe they have a car to deliver at the next city or simply because they cannot afford the other mode of transportation or maybe other mode are not just available for their route.

Friends, the journey of life is personal and you cannot take another man’s route or his mode. You and I have been created for a unique mode and route. No man can run another man’s race and be the winner, even if He gets to the finish line. He can run fast and be good at it, but he cannot be given the prize. No man is celebrated for another man’s achievement. You might have gotten to the peak of that career in consulting, marketing, stock broking, finance, banking, insurance, customs, immigration, education, real estate or even farming; if that route and mode is not yours, you will meet the wrong people, you would have set a wrong record and would have arrived a wrong assumed or presumed destination.

The journey of life is to be embarked on purpose and with a purposed destination in view. A destination embarked on with the right mode and on the right route. This will avail you the opportunity to meet the right people, engage in the right environment and eventually get the prize of a life fulfilled in purpose. There is nothing that can equal or can be a replacement for fulfillment. Many have sought for it in money, women, men, children, houses, lands, fat bank balance, corporations, organizations and every other thing the world offers in its place.

There is no replacement for fulfillment, no matter how long or short a journey on purpose is, it is worth more than any other outside it. Gentlemen and Ladies, there is no other place to discover this purpose than in God. He is the only one who can direct you through on the mode and route through which you can arrive at the destination that He alone has predetermined for your life. He is the one who can put to death and make alive. He is the one who knows the end from the beginning. He is the author of life and the sustainer of life. He is the one that can put to death the body and the spirit. He is the one who can give direction to the path He has made. He alone can help you become all that you were created for.

Life is a journey

It is one with one safety anchor

An anchor that is strong enough to hold and do not fail

An anchor of hope and rest for the future

An anchor that can be trusted because He has been tested

An anchor of faith without fail

God is the anchor of life.


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Lara Gboyega Adedeji Lara Gboyega AdedejiLara Gboyega AdedejiLara Gboyega AdedejiLara Gboyega Adedeji


I believe in change and transformation. I believe in God as the Anchor of Life. I believe in expanding God's influence and authority on the earth as a Kingdom Ambassador. Join me as we expand God's Kingdom together on my Twitter Page or my Webnigerians Page

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The Anchor of LifeThe Anchor of LifeThe Anchor of Life

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Gboyega Adedeji     8 years ago
...the journey of life is personal and you cannot take another mans route or his mode... particularly impresses on my heart and I will not forget it in a hurry! Great work Sister Lara!

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