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Rediscovering Your Leadership: The Power of Vision

By Gboyega Adedeji       Apr 14, 2014

Rediscovering Your Leadership: The Power of Vision

The truth is, every “normal” or sane man or woman is a leader of some sort; however, we all differ on the nature and the scope of our leaderships. Hence, this series is not inspired to put into you what you never had or to take you through unfamiliar paths; rather, this series will remind you of crucial truths about yourself and help you to rediscover your true self and the essence of your true self. In addition, the series will take  you through familiar paths; but will show you some neglected sign posts and some overlooked sign posts.

We started this series with an introduction into the series and in the previous article, we saw a story of a lion that became a sheep by association; but eventually became a lion back through a rediscovery of self and of purpose. Although the lion’s physical appearance remained the same through the whole process; his inner being was never the same. May I say then; the people could see you as one thing; and inside, you are entirely different. However, irrespective of your physical appearance, you can never behave or act inconsistently to your inner being – the true self.

For instance, imagine a young lady who was a choir leader and known across the entire church\organization as a blessing to the people in her area of gifting (singing and speaking); but would always have sex with guys that could tell her how beautiful and gifted she was. And although, she was seen as a blessing to the church; she was always true to her inner (unrefined, uncontrolled, untamed, etc.) being at night with different guys.

The point is, you can claim to be many things to many people at many places; but you will always be true to your careless, proud, arrogant, lying, extravagant, greedy, untamed, lazy, caring, diligent, careful, humble, etc. self. As you can see, that list contains both sides of the coin; therefore, you cannot betray your inner person. So, the key to gaining influence with men is becoming a person of influence.

Some months ago, I wrote a few quotes, which might be helpful here:

  • Leadership is not position-driven; but personality driven;
  • Leadership is not a place or position you take yourself, it is the person you are;
  • Leadership is not a position you attain or a place you get to, but the person you become.
  • Leadership is not where you are, but who you are.

Hence, no need wasting your time lobbying for leadership; manipulating, or threatening the people for leadership – For your leadership emanates from your self. The point is, no need expecting the people to make you a leader; rather, focus on how your personality can become such that attracts and compels modeling and followership.

And may I say, no man need a position to lead; you only need a position to manage or administrate: For leadership is about you and you and you. Hence, the quickest and surest path unto leadership is self-discovery – the discovery of your personality and your purpose among others.

In the story that we shared, we saw how the young lion moved out of the comfort of the farmhouse into the purpose of his creation – to be the king of the jungle\forest. However, before he left the farmhouse for the jungle, he needed to know who he really was; he needed to see himself different from the crowd (herd\flock); he needed to see his true identity and he needed to know his essence of living. And until he found answer to those, he remained like a sheep.

So friend, your true leadership is not always where you are now and what you know for now, and the distance between where you are now and where you were destined is only filled up with your relevant and updated vision. You need to see beyond here and now; you need to see how really unique and special you are; you need to know the exact reason for your uniqueness as a person: For until your perfect understanding is restored to you, you might continue to survive within the farmhouses of life.

Remember the story of Nebuchadnezzar, that king of kings in Babylon, at some point in his life, his understanding was revoked from him and he became an animal with hair for 7 years, eating grasses in the forest. But when his understanding was restored; when he acknowledged God as the true Ruler of the kings of the earth; and when he got to know who he really was, be became a king again and his kingdom was restored to him. (Daniel 4:28-37)

Thus, our true leadership is kept safely at the place and point of our understanding: For until we know who we and who we are not and until we know why we are who we are; our leadership dream will not become a reality!

Take for instance, a young man who has never learnt the art of warfare or swordsmanship, now given a sword, shield, spear, helmet, etc., and brought before a veteran fighter. Wouldn’t that be like a suicide mission! Really, no matter how God loves you, He would still not permit you to have influence among men, when you are dwelling comfortably in your ignorance. Therefore, if you must lead, then you must learn – Get to know yourself; and what God has made you to be in Christ Jesus. Get to know why you were made and understand what the Lord want you to do while you are among the living!

Apostle Paul rose to become the greatest human Writer of the first century of the Church and his influence among men today is a phenomenon. However, his journey to influence began with a question: “Lord, what do You want me to do?” (Acts 9:6). Actually, what the Lord created you for is the reason why you were created as you are! Perhaps you did not get that! Your true self is formed and fashioned according to the requirement of your life mission; and it is in the carrying out of your life mission that your leadership will EMERGE. Really, the whole world knew little about Apostle Paul when he was living for a different thing. And so, the reason for your current obscurity in your own generation, may be because of your refusal to know and to pursue the real purpose of your creation. 

Seek for understanding, ask crucial questions – direct all your life enquiries to God who made you; seek for knowledge along the path of your life assignment (not just your profession as a Medical Doctor, Engineer, Accountant, University Lecturer, Web Technologist, etc.) and begin to live for your life purpose. And shortly, your light (relevance\impact) will shine (be visible) among men and they will see your good (beautiful, innovative and attractive) works (products and services) and give glory to your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16

Let me say this in conclusion, until the children of men (in your family, workplace, association, community, state, nation and generation) give glory to God because of your life and the works of your hands and mouth; you are a “bastard” and a mediocre  - a child that causes shame! Sorry for such language, but I couldn’t get a more descriptive one. I actually wanted to say that you were born for the glory of God and if you are truly a son of God, then men must appreciate Him for the gift of your life.

I therefore challenge you for a search for understanding, knowledge and wisdom: For your leadership is your gift to the world. The creations of God have been waiting for you – please, do not keep us waiting in vain. I and God believe strongly in you and as it is; God has sent His word and I have published it to you this day!


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Rediscovering Your Leadership: The Power of VisionRediscovering Your Leadership: The Power of VisionRediscovering Your Leadership: The Power of Vision

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