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Article Category >>>INSIGHTS On Tithes & Offerings from Brother Gbile Akanni
Gboyega Adedeji       Mar 11, 2015

INSIGHTS On Tithes & Offerings from Brother Gbile Akanni

- It is good that the heart be strengthened and established by grace and not by foods, which occupied the Old Testament altars and the ministers thereof.

- You will notice that whereas, almost all the giving in the Old Testament focused on the Levites and the Priests, the New Testament giving focuses on the entire body of Christ, not just the pastors and priests.

- Even the tithes should not just be for the altar. It is meant to minister to the needs of widows, orphans, the poor and the destitute.

- What we must emphasis in all offerings, is the grace in the heart of the giver, not the size, quality or quantity. It is the grace of Go at work in the heart.

- This is what grace in a man's heart will do. It sees giving as a privilege. He is not ashamed to give anything no matter how small.

- When we raise offering in ur churches and disdain those who have grace to arrive early to sweep the Church as what they can offer, we actually disdain the Lord...God is not actually building a church of millionaires but of men and women full of grace.

- The ultimate giving is the release of your life selflessly in service to God and to the brethren.

- This is what that grace is all about. It is about making others rich even if we become poor.

- The issue in giving is grace, not a show.


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TONIGH     5 years ago

Bulus Jonathan      5 years ago
A inspiring piece on giving,i am blessed by it thanks.

Olamiti Ayodeji     6 years ago
He is not ashamed to give anything no matter how small. It is about making others rich even if we become poor. Fresh instruction.Thank you Lord!

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