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You and Your Relationships

By Lara Gboyega Adedeji       Jul 21, 2014

You and Your Relationships

We often are of the opinion that we are fine on our own, especially when you are married, with your husband and children. You have a world of your own all around yourself and you keep to this triangular lifecycle. Do you know that no man is an island and no man can be okay all by himself?

We must embrace the place of other people in our lives and family, that is why your relationship (outside you) must be functional. It does not start and end with you, It is also about the man, woman, boy, girl, young lady and guy out there.

Build lasting relationships and relate with people of like minds - there is great power in synergy, much more than you think and can comprehend. Synergy and team work is a common language in business and economic circles, because they have discovered that it is the way to work. Work out your relationship, based on your temperament and uniqueness, but it is something that must be done.

You have to start with yourself. Have a functional relationship inwards - you and your family; then move to your friends and then to other people around you. Untold opportunities are available for team players and positive relationship-minded people. I know you have been hurt by some people, but it is not enough reason for you to quit other relationships, that will birth greatness for you.

Effective people, do not joke with relationships. Keep in touch, build lasting networks and do not be out for what to get, but what you can give and how you can bring out the best in others. BE EFFECTIVE! BE POSITIVE! BE A WINNER!


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Lara Gboyega Adedeji Lara Gboyega AdedejiLara Gboyega AdedejiLara Gboyega AdedejiLara Gboyega Adedeji


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You and Your RelationshipsYou and Your RelationshipsYou and Your Relationships

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Gboyega Adedeji     8 years ago not be out for what to get, but what you can give and how you can bring out the best in others... I particularly like that statement. Functional symbiotic relationship is very important!

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