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The Importance of Water: the Word is life

By Lara Gboyega Adedeji       Nov 02, 2015

The Importance of Water: the Word is life
In every human endeavor, water is so important in building anything. Water is life, that is the reason for oxygen, which necessitates human life, is found in water. There is nothing used in building anything that has no water contribution. Many at times, the water is not visible in the end result or product, but water plays a pivotal role in solidifying, making and sticking together of the objects used in building.
There is nothing standing in your life, there is nothing admirable about your building ( life, marriage, career, achievement) that is not source in the Word. The water of the Word, produces tremendous results in every life, marriage, career or achievement that HE is allowed to function.
The Word of God is the reason you have your life in order. The Word of God is the reason you are recording progress and achievements. The Word of God gives beauty to your living and gives color to your life. Without the Word, nothing will be in place, nothing will stick together or hold firm, in and around you.
Without the Word, nothing is made and nothing will be made. The Word makes all things to exist and have shape, form and meaning. The Word is the reason for life and living. 
The Word must be spoken over, upon, on, in and around anything or anyone that desires to live or be living. The Word is effective, HE delivers, HE gives life to and quickens from the dead. Everything remains at the point of rest, inactive ness, quiet and without form, until the Word is spoken, applied, released, used and given.


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Lara Gboyega AdedejiAbout Lara Gboyega Adedeji
Lara Gboyega Adedeji Lara Gboyega AdedejiLara Gboyega AdedejiLara Gboyega AdedejiLara Gboyega Adedeji


Omolara Adedeji is a kingdom resource person, with passion to share the truth of God's Word with the people that God has pleasure in. 

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