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The 5 Strategic Strengths & Weaknesses of Every Man & Woman

By Gboyega Adedeji       Dec 15, 2014

The 5 Strategic Strengths & Weaknesses of Every Man & Woman

As you start reading article, I would love to inform you ahead that you are about to encounter some things, that might worry your heart a little; however, you must stay strong and receive the instructions that the Lord intends for you in this write up. There is indeed more to life than we would admit or agree to. Life is so complex, and could also be freightening. However, we are not expected to back out just because of challenges or oppositions. When a man (soldier) signs up for a Military career; his life and death is placed at the table of his country for sacrifice for others. And no matter the experience at the battlefields, his options are not many; for he is expected to live or die for the cause of the war. In such instance, the soldier does not contemplate on how to run away from the battle; but how to return home safely in victory.

The title of this article is such that we must examine, if we must understand what God intends to teach us as His products on earth. The word 'Strategic' in the title conotes the warring, competing, and surviving nature of the article. Every man or woman on earth is not just here; and no man or woman is excempted from the realities of being on earth. I believe that no matter how much a man or woman prays, lives or works; the inherent nature of the humanity of every man or woman cannot be avoided. 

Let me be more plain and clear! Every man and woman is a product of God; and everyone is designed according a clear purpose in the heart of God. According to the book of John 4:24, God is Spirit; however, He is the Maker and Creator of the heavens and the earth. Having created heavens and the earth, He created and made the inhabitants of the two territories. The inhabitants of the heavens are spirits because of the nature of their habitation (heaven); while the inhabitants of the earth are flesh and blood because of the nature of their habitation (earth). Since the focus of this article is on man, we will limit ourselves to the earth as it relates to man.

According to the book of Genesis of Bible chapter 1 verse 26, man is spirit; but because of the nature of his habitation; God went ahead in the book of Genesis 2:7 to make a body for man, so as to help him dwell and relate easily with the earth. While making the body of man; God used a portion of the earth (soil); therefore, the body of man is a fundamental part of the makeup of every man and woman, which forms part of the whole of every man and woman. It is therefore important for us to know the implication of this material (earth) that was used in the formation of the body of man.

When man was formed; God designed the body of man in such a way that it will give an easy expression to the spirit of man, which is the real man. However, some of the constitutent parts of man have overtime become both strengths and weaknesses to man. Theses constituent parts are:

  1. The Eyes;
  2. The Ears;
  3. The Nose;
  4. The Mouth;
  5. The Skin

Coincidentally, Scientis refer to these parts of man as the sense organs of every man and woman. They are the five main openings in the body of every man; and they are so vital to life and living that no man can keep his or her residence on earth without them.

Nothing can get into your spirit without passing through these strategic make-ups of every man. Today, our societies are plagued with many social vices; which we can trace to the poor use or management of these crucial endowments of every man and woman. Do you know that every bad thing you and I have done in the past could be traced to what we SAW, HEARD, SMELLED, ATE OR FELT? God placed these openings in every man for crucial reasons; however, most of us have abandoned the real intent of our Maker and have taken responsibility for redesigning or deciding how these constituents of our bodies work and what they do.

The truth is, your weakest points in life is not your house that has no fence, or your car that is not bullet-proof or your leadership that has not support; your weakest points are your FIVE strategic openings in your body. God designed them and embedded them in your body; but you must understand your role in harnessing their strengths for your fulfillment on earth; and in reducing their weaknesses for your own safety. 

Usually, when bad things happen; we often quickly attribute the cause to some people that hate us; however, it will be better for us in the future; if we could understand how to guide these openings and how to guard them.

A man shall EAT well by the fruit of his mouth. But the soul of the unfaithful feeds on violence.

Proverbs 13:2

The ear that HEARS the rebukes of life will abide among the wise.

Proverbs 15:31

The heart of the wise teaches his MOUTH, and adds learning to his lips.

Proverbs 16:23

The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the EAR of the wise seeks knowledge.

Proverbs 18:15

I have made a covenant with my EYES; why then should I look upon a young woman?

Proverbs 31:1


I have come to realize that the direction of every man and woman in life is not just a product of his or her devotions or commitments or passion; but a product of what he or she sees, hears, smell, ate and felt. You can wish for a great destiny; but if you lose your guard over your mouth, ear, eyes, nose and skin; you will lose your glorious destiny. Indeed, every man's destiny is a victim of these strategic endowments. Have you wondered why a man will choose to become a suicide bomber? I must tell you that such a person (man or woman) must have heard something. Let me leave you with this thought: "WHILE YOU CAN DETERMINE WHAT YOU SEE, HEAR, EAT, SMELL, and CONTACT (TOUCH); YOUR FUTURE WILL BE WHAT PASSES THROUGH THEM! Therefore, guide (teach or tend) and guard (protect or keep) these garden of yours; so as to keep your relevance and authority on the earth.




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The 5 Strategic Strengths & Weaknesses of Every Man & WomanThe 5 Strategic Strengths & Weaknesses of Every Man & WomanThe 5 Strategic Strengths & Weaknesses of Every Man & Woman

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