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# How Hair Growth Can Be Enhanced After a Hair Restoration Surgery

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How Hair Growth Can Be Enhanced After a Hair Restoration Surgery

By DermaClinix Chennai       Apr 09, 2019

How Hair Growth Can Be Enhanced After a Hair Restoration Surgery

The loss of hair is a perennial problem that the modern generation is at loggerheads. Not only it threatens you day in and day out but your career and self-esteem are at risk. In fact, you could face nightmares when you stare at the mirror. Hold on! A visit to a hair transplant surgeon could provide some relief from this problem. Are you aware of the fact that the hair is going to grow after this procedure? To understand this process, you can visit some best hair transplant surgeon in Chennai, who will provide you with step by step guide on how to grow more hair.

The Steps

  • Cleaning and managing your hair.
  • You would need to shampoo your hair so that scrubs are prevented from appearing around the hair shaft.
  • Do not resort to rigorous rubbing as it will dislodge the shafts.

Drinking and Eating

  • The importance of diet in the role of hair growth is enormous. Do consume foods that are high in content of protein as it ensures that your hair is in healthy condition. In fact, your diet should be rich in walnuts, fruits, fish oil and almonds.
  • To ensure that you do not loose hair further drink plenty of water.


It is suggested that you consume vitamin B6 as supplements. Several effective and high-quality capsules are there that could be suggested by the doctor or you can pick up from the local drug store.

  • If possible opt for Finasteride and any herbal remedy is not effective in curbing hair loss.
  • All fashion on hold.
  • Do not fiddle with your hair and do keep all fashion statements out of the way.
  • Do not blow your hair dry and use a towel to dry it in a natural manner.

Hair Loss and Gain

  • Once the hair restoration surgery is done, the transplanted hair shreds off and the new one starts to emerge. This is within 2 to 3 months of your surgery. It is found out that the hair grows in waves, and what it means is that some areas will have more hair than the others. In due course of time, the hair is going to thicken down to the last diameter.
  • One of the main reasons for hair loss is related to stress. Post-surgery if you notice a sudden loss of hair it has to be attributed to stress.
  • For the full results of a hair, surgery to emerge it does take 6 to 8 months. Once it touches 1 year, it thickens and in due course of time also increases in length.

To sum it up hair transplantation is one of the effective treatments for hair loss. It is more effective on women than in men. Since women tend to have more follicles as compared to men, the surgery can be performed effectively and the results are much better.


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DermaClinix Chennai DermaClinix ChennaiDermaClinix ChennaiDermaClinix ChennaiDermaClinix Chennai

   DermaClinix Chennai is well known name in the field of hair transplantation for delivering great results from above last 10 years. We are among top ten Best hair transplant clinic in Chennai, India. Our Highly experienced doctors understand the patients problem and give better suggestion and also treat them with extreme sensitivity. DermaClinix Chennai offered Hair Transplant( FUE, Bio- Stimulated FUE, B.E.S.T. FUE Technique), Eyebrow Transplantation, Beard/Moustache Transplantation, PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) and many more treatments also. DermaClinix Chennai is made up of renowned doctors who have a long-standing experience in the field of hair restoration.

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