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Buy Your Future: What Is The Price Tag of Your Destiny?

By Gboyega Adedeji       Jul 14, 2019

Buy Your Future: What Is The Price Tag of Your Destiny?

Our focus in this message has two major keywords, which we must first examine before we grasp what the Lord has for us here. The keywords are "Price Tag" and "Destiny". Since we all go to the markets and we visit supermarkets across our locations; we are family with the price tag usage, which informs every buyer of how much the seller values his or her goods, and how much the seller is willing to release the item to any buyer.




In the world of football, the norm now is "Transfer"; players are currently bought and sold by various football clubs to the highest bidding clubs. However, before any bidding takes place, a player must be giving a price tag by the owner's club, which provides the least cost any club must fulfill to ever lay claim to the valued asset of the football club.


Bringing it home, we must understand that everything and everyone has a price tag. If you want to build a house, Jesus said, you must sit down first and count the cost if what you have is enough to complete it. The cost you are advised to count is the price tag of that construction. If anyone will ever complete any building of choice, it must be that such a person has successfully met the price tag condition in every project or work or achievement.


The second keyword of our focus is "Destiny". According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Destiny is a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency. In another place, Destiny was described as the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future. If we pick two words from the two explanations of Destiny; we will be left with "predetermined future". Therefore, every time we mention Destiny, you must remember at least two words - predetermined future. The question is, who predetermined the future? From our Football example, we know that every player, irrespective of such player's worth is owned by some club. The implication is simple, no matter how glamorous anyone's future is; it is ultimately owned by Someone. That someone is God! Since He created everyone of us, He alone owns and predetermined our future. Our future is our ending, and God controls or determines that.



Having discovered the meaning of Destiny, let now combine the two keywords together: What Is The Price Tag of Your Destiny? Your Destiny is the end of your life as predetermined by God, what then is the price tag of that end? Do you know it? Are you willing to pay that price? Can you afford that price?


In Economics, we were taught Demand and Supply. While teaching us about Demand, we were told the difference between a Want and a Demand. Want refers to your desires, while demand refers to your desires and your ability to pay the requisite price! It has been said that there are no vacant land anywhere. Therefore, there must be a price in place for anything you so much desire. When God WANTED to gain the whole world, He knew that future is not free, it required the price of a precious blood to be shed. And willing and able to gain the whole world, He decided to give His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die for the sins of the world.  Indeed, there is a price tag for every thing.


It has been said, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!" That clearer reveal the littleness of our wishes, that beyond wishing ourselves great endings; something else is required. Everyone could wish to marry a lady, but ultimately, only one person would successfully marry her; everyone could wish to become the President of a nation, but only one person becomes the President. Towards achieving your life desires or goals; there are hurdles that must be crossed, valleys that must be crossed and sometimes, fire that must be crossed. A man who wouldn't fail in his mission would have the tenacity to go on in spite of the difficulties along the way. The difficulties along the way to your greatness is not there because you are hated by God, but to deter the miscreants from gaining access into your future.



If anybody can become the General Overseer of RCCG today, without any cost to be paid; then the G.O would hardly rest from the competition around him. The price over your future is not to scare you or weary you or frustrate you; but it is to discourage onlookers from entering into your own rest and to make you value what you have.


The question then is, "Are you aware of the price tag that God placed on your future?" Are you aware of the demands of your Destiny? Are you willing to pay the price? can you even pay the price? Do you have the tenacity, inner strength, passion, devotion, attention, curiosity or faith to satisfy the demands of your future? If you must buy the future as Dr Mensah Otabil preached and taught, then you must know the price tag of that future. Do you?  




Source: Centre for New Dimension Leadership


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